KB - Conference

Deliver engaging online classes and record them - all within KnowledgeBaze. KB – Conference, is amazing platform for virtual classes. Schedule and manage classes, upload content, and view recordings from within KB – Conference.

KB - Portal

Serve content from a centralized LMS to any number of privately branded portals. Each portal can be personalized using distinct skins and features to provide a learning experience appropriate to any target audience.

KB - Tube

Videos are a powerful tool which can be leveraged to deliver high-impact education effectively. KnowledgeBaze offers KB – Tube, which allows you to enhance all of training program with an easy-to-use, interactive video solution for uploading, tagging, playing and searching for media seamlessly within the KnowledgeBaze environment.

KB - Mobile

Wherever you are, have training with you! Training can happen anytime and anywhere. Scale the experience and count on KB - Mobile for perfect performance.

KB – Exam

Teach the way you want… Create tests to review knowledge transfer and reinforce concept. Advanced test engine and course tracking features, combined with a rich selection of reports enable you to monitor and track performance


Coursepective is the ideal partner to create innovative learning solutions, from vision to application. Non-stop engagement and effectiveness for your courses. Miraculous one click learning content creation. Meet up with outstanding learning experts. Lucrative perspective can help you solve problems.


Publish or broadcast your content on your corporate online channel. For training, advertising, advising. Create your outstanding content. Agile tool for you legendary scenarios you have.