KnowledgeBaze is an user friendly learning management system that is designed to cover your training development and learning needs. KnowledgeBaze delivers efficient management of users learning, information sharing and communication processes.

Leverage the power of easy to use interface and outstanding support for mobile devices to manage your KnowledgeBaze online.

To better manage, it’s essential your LMS connects with key business information systems. KB will integrate with every system is used by your enterprise through modern and modular structure.

Express Content Creation

KnowledgeBaze comes with OneClickContent feature offers you prepare course program according to specific needs of the organization. You will create course by reusing content you already have like documents, presentations, videos, images or SCORM files.

Talented Reporting and Analyzing Tools

KnowledgeBaze delivers great performance and serves rich selection of reports and analyses. Superior reporting and analyzing tools enable you to meet compliancy requirements even in complex function.

Reduce The Cost By Preparing Training Program Addresses Your Needs

You will control KnowledgeBaze entirely. Reduce the cost and save time by preparing training program addresses your needs.

Sophisticated Test Engine Simplifies Assessment And Evaluation Processes

Advanced test engine and tracking features provide you to attain the best performance result for assessment and evaluation. Select among pre-made question types and increase the quality and variety of your tests.

Dynamic Groups

Group learners can be brought together quickly and easily. Once a group is created, it’s easy to track, understand, and manage individual groups.

Location Management

KnowledgeBaze is designed for meeting your enterprise’s needs. Easily manage both your online, face to face training programs and other types. You can inform your user about the location of training easily.